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Project Overview

Project Overview

As a part of Google Ux Design Course, I was assigned to design a food delivery app for a fictional restaurant.To do that I created a fictional restaurant chain called i-Taste.

This restaurant chain have several branches in US, and have a range of products such as starters, pizza, burger, chicken,pasta and desserts.The main goal of the restaurant is making a difference in every meal and they believe all of their products are unique.And this unique character starts with the appereance of product,and continues with the taste of product.

To adapt this understanding into app, i-Taste delivery app should present a visual taste for users while being easy to use.

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My Role

As the only UX/UI Designer of project; concept, research and design processes of the project.


  • User Personas

  • Competitive Analysis

  • User Flow

  • Wireframes

  • Lo-fi and Hi-fi Prototypes

  • Mockup Design


3 weeks


People with busy work schedules expect service to their workplaces or homes instead of going to restaurants.
i-Taste restaurant, which offers an experience from appearance of product to taste of product, sees this understanding as a brand value and wants to apply this feature to the app.


Design an easy to use app to help people who have heavy workload.
Prioritize product images to claim the restaurant's idea of experience that begins with the appearance of the product.

Design Methodology

By using the design thinking framework, the application is aimed to reach the expected level of understanding and respond to requirements.

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User Research

To understand users’ needs,behaviours and motivations I conducted a series of interviews, and I conducted a competitive analysis to have a better understanding about business’ needs and opportunities. The goal of this research is prioritizing the user.

User Insights

derived from interviews and competitive analysis

  • Many people with busy work schedules can't find time to prepare meals.

  • It is more effective for people to buy some food that require effort to prepare instead of cooking them.

  • It is desired to get information about the calorie values of the meals.

  • The products purchased and the total price need to be easily accessible.

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User Persona

I conducted series of researches to generate user personas that represents needs and goals of a larger group.

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User Flow

I designed a user flow from the  beginning of food order to the finish of the task.Comebacks and different options are considered.

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Wireframes are designed to understand/evaluate the main structure and functionality of app.

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Design Phase

The desired human-centered design concept was initially designed on the 'home screen' and 'food detail screen'. These two screens combined the identity of the restaurant and the human-centered design concept, forming the basis of a holistic approach and determined the design language of the app.


The home screen design has been shaped by considering the primary needs of the user and the identity of the restaurant together.

easily accessible and changeable user and location informations

inform the user about discounts and  advantages 

products that have received the approval of other users

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practical search and filter options

easily reach to desired results by classification of products

highlighting the order quantity and total amount provides  a more comfortable ordering process


Detailed food information screen was planned with a user-centered design approach, and compliance with the restaurant identity was also considered.

product image at the forefront in accordance with the restaurant identity

product's evaluation, calorie value, estimated delivery time and comments are presented to the user.

always be aware of the total amount and complete the order easily

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easily change order quantity

rapidly control and change product ingredients, cooking/portion options

Quick and easy product adding feature on prototype.


Going to 'my cart screen' with one move simplifies the ordering process on prototype


High Fidelity Prototypes

To have a better understanding of the functionality of the app, high-fidelity prototypes are designed.Also these prototypes provide an opportunity to test some features of the app that allow for more practical use.

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Sticker Sheet

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